Good Vibrations

from Dekalaug 4: 4th & Ten by Young Southpaw

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I was listenin’ to that song, you know that song - Good Vibrations by the Beachy Boys double B ya know too I guess but, good vibrations GBV right in there - one of that greatest rock n roll bands of all time!...though I guess it’s G V B, but ya know with things all vibratin’ around like that...BUT! I had like a major revelation, like Revelation Mother Earth that Ozzy song ya know double O double BO - BOBO like the clown.. or Oboe..a clown playin’ an oboe, I mean they must, right? at least once..but naw oboe’s one B, but is there oboe on Good Vibrations? he was using all sorts a crazy instruments musta used an oboe at least around that time, ya know whether or not there was a clown playin’ it or not.. and like! well I was gonna say the oboe actually isn’t that crazy of an instrument but it totally is! the old double reed ya Donna Reed and Oliver Reed...or like the Reid brothers of the Jesus And Mary Chain..imagine if all those Mary Chain songs were - instead played on fuzzed out guitars all feedin’ back, if it was like an orchestra of oboes? Just Like Honey, well I mean honey might make the reeds stick together - I mean the wooden reeds of the instrument not the brothers ya know I mean there was that long hiatus...and they did Surfin USA too ya know...but then like an orchestra of oboes that’s a whole lot of reeds, more than just two and I don’t know how many other siblings they had...there was that Sister Vanilla album, though I think that’s it..but I mean I wouldn’t put money on it...I think I might be gettin’ confused but then like the other way around - O B - there was that crazy catchy ad in the 90s ya know - keep it simple, and set yourself free... but where was I? I gotta tell ya that Beach Boys and JMC connection took me by surprise, blindsided me...and like what if I were to go see an optometrist just to make sure my head was on straight after this - or am I takin’ blindsided too literally? - but still, never can be too careful, actually I don’t if that’s true but anyway, what if I went to the optometrist and there was a giant B on the eye exam chart!...the letter I mean...not the insect, though I mean they are kinda small so that might prove my eyesight was ok....

but oh yeah Revelation, you had that Iron Maiden song too - and like there were live versions of both of those, well I mean of course there were but I mean live recorded versions on Tribute and Live After, tons of revelations today...but like I was talkin’ about Good Vibrations by the Beach Boys and like despite the ending in -shun, neither the Iron Maiden or the Ozzy song is a cover of that... but that would be wild! if like Iron Maiden and Ozzy got together and..and like Maiden’s got like 3 guitar players now - Janick Gers, Adrian Smith, Dave Murray all playin’ together, it’s crazy ya know! so maybe if you had like Ozzy joining Bruce Dickinson, keepin’ with the rule of threes, get Paul Dianno back to do a cover of Good Vibrations ya know! all those backing vocals woo!...the B V’s...maybe get some otha people in ya know, I don’t know who..though I mean Ozzy, I guess that suggests Lita Ford and like get Blazes Bailey from Wolfsbane who was in Iron Maiden for a little bit ya know...the 3 vocalists of Maiden...tho like all those 3s and Blaze was in Maiden for the two albums with numbers in the title, I said Numbers with an S so not Number Of The Beast though the albums themselves were singular numbers, and Roman numerals no less, you know how fond I am of those...for the curious, those would be The X Factor and Virtual 11, X-I ya know..actual what am I talkin’ about...Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son, though you could argue and if like we were in court about this, I would... that the word ‘seventh’ isn’t technically a number, merely a word denoting a number, alright I mean you could contest that it’s an ordinal number but I didn’t say ‘ordinal number’..though I guess I didn’t say ‘cardinal number’ either bad...

so I mean should we get like 7 vocalists for this? I mean that’s more than on the original..and would outnumber the guitarists and like there aren’t even that many guitars on the original..and ya know Steve Harris could prolly handle all that with the bass like maybe a bass a capella version, naw! you want Nicko McBrain on there.. know you do you know..

but what I’m sayin’ is, I was listenin’ to Good Vibrations and it hit me, what has always unsettled me about the song...and..well, I’ll just tell you what it is.........that ‘ex-citations’ line..ya know, ‘she’s givin’ me ex-citations’...he’s talkin’ about bein’ excited there ya know! ex-exciting ex- exsigh?...but like the way he said it, cause like people don’t really say it like that, so for years - decades ya know - I’ve been thinkin’ - cause he’s sayin’ emphasizing it so it just sounds like ‘citations’ you’d get to go to court ya know - well I mean yeah, like maybe for the whole cardinal/ordinal numbers thing, I don’t know if that’s ever happened in the history of the known universe but if we do go to court about it I mean there’d be a precedent already set - and dang ordinal numbers ya do get like citations for an ordi-NANCE violation ya know...

but that’s always the first thing that crosses my mind whenever I hear the tune, confusin’ me a little bit but I mean it’s rather poetic too ya know in that movement kinda thing..ya know, influenced by the Beats and whatnot ya know I ya know ‘She’s givin’ me ex-citations’ like I got a summons to appear in court but she’s X’in it out - TAKIN’ IT AWAY! - x factor ya know, just like that Maiden album..their cover of Good Vibrations shoulda been on that!.....but..what I’m sayin’ is...ya know... that..that’s loooove..if someone cares that much about you, they make it so you don’t have to appear in court....BUT! the Beach Boys aren’t talkin’ about that at all it seems...Ain’t Talkin Bout Love being like that anyway as Van Halen might’ve later put it..but actually wait a minute, let’s not be so hasty..maybe it’s poetry that works on quite a few levels..but like maybe I’m the fool here cause it took me forever to realize they’re talkin’ about being excited, of course you’d be excited’ know?..I mean you ever get a traffic ticket and you go and try and fight it and the officer who gave it to you doesn’t show up?..I mean that’s EXCITING ya know...that’s love, in a way...

but I mean that’s some bad vibes in the first place gettin’ a ticket getting’ pulled’re not feelin’ no good vibrations when that’s happenin’....well I mean I guess unless your car is operating in a very specific way that is actually sending some sort of pulse out that you’re all into but in a way that is technically illegal and that’s why the cop is pulling you over..but I mean even without that, I don’t wanna be the one to say it, but you could actually be..breakin’ the law...woah! I mean is Halfred involved in this? He gotta be! Get him in on this cover with ol’ Brucey D, Ozzy-oh, Lita Ford, and Paul Dianno...indeed! Rob Halfred...and woah again! Of course you gotta have Robert Pollard! I mean Good Vibrations - G V B, you gotta have the frontman of GBV......and we’re up to six singers now...who would be the logical seventh to go with the ordinal number of that Maiden album? answers on an electronic postcard please...and man I’m still seeing this as a Maiden album since the backing band would basically be, well now, actually is, Iron Maiden...I mean if they were to form a supergroup - I mean G V B would be the name to go to - but again confusin’.. all these questions and this one a two-parter.....which is -

should this version of Good Vibrations be credited to Iron Maiden or should they form a supergroup and what would the name of it be?

so I guess answers to this also...on an electronic postcard...


from Dekalaug 4: 4th & Ten, released August 19, 2020


all rights reserved



Young Southpaw Connecticut

"From the existential thread that ties Jean-Paul Sartre to Jon Bon Jovi, to the skinny on what’s floating in TLC’s ‘Waterfalls’, and the possibility that Al Pacino is coaching boxing kangaroos in space, wise-fool Southpaw's ramblings lead listeners on a surreal journey through doors they didn't even know existed, into a highly original, deeply funny land of pop culture confusion." - popbollocks ... more

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