Schrödinger's Halen

from Dekalaug 4: 4th & Ten by Young Southpaw

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So my friend The Chaize, you know The Chaize, somehow connected to that band Lunar Lions...loves the word ‘Portugal’, I think he just likes the way it sounds, always seems to, to please when he says it...I’m not sayin’ he’s a Portugal poseur, I mean the dude was texting me the other day about their crazy spice routes back in the day...I mean I know when some people say ‘back in the day’ they’re referring to when Minor Threat was still together but the country of Portugal was doin’ this years before that...

So anyway The Chaize texts me about that story a few podcasts ago where I was talkin bout ya know Love Will Tear Us Apart...I mean sure, maybe...but Bears definitely would tear you apart...lot quicker than love too I would think...though I don’t know, there’s that Pet Shop Boys song Love Comes Quickly ya know...

and The Chaize is all yeah, and ya know at the chorus of Love Will Tear Us Apart at the end, they say ‘again’

I mean it’s a bit different with bears because if a bear is gonna tear you apart, you imagine it’s only going to happen once...either that’s the end of you...or you learn your lesson...but that Joy Division song is all like ‘ will tear us apart...again’...I mean it even says love twice...though I mean maybe that first ‘love’ is supposed to be like a question, ya if I was producing that single, I’d be all like emphasize the question mark at the end of it, ya Love? Love Will Tear Us Apart...Again I say Love? ya know, it gives you some credibility, like you know what you’re talking about...I mean supposedly someone who had been through this with a bear might be a little averse to going through it again...can’t be all lightheartedly crooning Bears? oh yeah Bears Will Tear You Apart...if you’ve been torn apart by a bear...well I don’t know maybe it was always your lifelong dream to be in a Joy Division cover band or just like a generic 80s cover band...I mean you know how common bear attacks are with those...but then like this happens to you and you realize you’ve been wasting your time and you’ve really got to get to it....

or maybe they coulda done the double ‘love’s as like a call & response... Love? Love....

but like in the title of the song it’s only once, I mean was that like so that could have a little surprise when you get to the chorus, you’re like listening to it and you hear him say love and you’re all like ‘alright, I know what’s gonna happen now’...but you don’t!..if you’ve never heard it before, you’re expecting the words ‘will tear us apart’ not another ‘love’...I mean, it’s the ultimate psych-out
but anyway I’m getting away from the point

which is...if you’re torn..apart ya gotta leave time for that wound to heal...

I mean this was a big’s still constantly played at the clubs, and when it came out if it’s on the radio a couple times a day, that’s not enough time inbetween for the body to repair itself...specially if you’re rubbin up on sumthin on the dancefloor....if it correlates to every time it’s bein played, scars just keep reopenin and reopenin, ah!...ya gotta give it a woulda made more sense for Nurse With Wound to have done this song...

and like the word ‘again’, I mean is it just coincidence that you can separate it out into ‘a gain’...which allegedly if something good was happening to you and it was repeated that would be considered a gain...but like if you’re twice torn apart by a bear....or any creature I would imagine...woodland or could hardly count that as an advantage, a tick on the plus side

How many other songs have again in the title?

Buzzcocks - Something’s Gone Wrong Again... I mean that clearly points to a bear put it mildly

Human League went balls out nuts with that word, had Rock Me Again And Again And Again And Again And Again And Again...etc...I mean how many total times they’re rocked there, I have no idea...seems an impossible equation...I mean I get they say it six times...but like are they adding up or is it exponential?...I mean they could wait a while and ask Def Leppard ya know, Let’s Get Rocked, another Sheffield band...crazy good music city that...and actually another Sheffield band that had an album called Hysteria...crazy times, wonder it was Hysteria...but wait a second, was The Cure’s Six Different Ways written as like a companion song to Rock Me etc...I don’t know man, are they being rocked differently each that what Robert Smith was implying?...I mean Sammy Hagar said There’s Only One Way To Rock...but like there was a time when he was in Van Halen and also a time he wasn’t in Van Halen...and Van Halen, by definition, I don’t know this like Schrodinger’s Halen?....and like Schrodinger, Schroeder from the Peanuts cartoon, he was always playin the piano like Eddie started doin when Sammy Hagar joined the band...Peanuts, ya know...honey roasted...but like if you’re attacked by a bear, a Human League sounds like the very thing to form, to prevent it from happening again...strength in numbers

and there’s that Dokken song Alone Again, and like if Love Does Tear You Apart, you’re gonna be on your own...I mean..I’m not saying that like Joy Division became Dokken, had this like dual identity thing going where they were both New Order and Dokken at the same time...again this Schrodinger thing...but Breaking The Chains, the first Dokken album, has everything to do with this...breaking the sutures, the stitches, it all kinda makes sense...Tooth And Nail...I mean of course that’s what a bear would use to tear you apart...and the cover of that album is all Blue Monday...I mean the clues were there...that album cover also has like a claw on fire coming up out of the ocean...perhaps some sort of mystic symbolism showing the duality of these two bands...Blue Monday and Tooth And Nail both came out right around the same time...83, 84...I mean Roth was still in Van Halen so that sort of power was still in this world...

and then like the next Dokken album was called Under Lock and Key...which conveniently...sounds like Under Dokken Key...nothing to do with New Order that I can see, just a little tidbit there for ya

But it was on Under Lock And Key that Dokken started with the dream stuff...with In My Dreams...then they had Dream Warriors ya know...New Order had Dreams Never End first song first, some people say this whole world is a dream...that’d be crazy if we were all being dreamed by Dah-....I shudder to think....not the band Shudder To Think, I don’t wanna bring them into this too, if I can help it, for their own sanity....

Kiss Of Death though first song on Back For The Attack - and you know the lyrics to New Order’s The Perfect Kiss say the perfect kiss is the kiss of it’s a wonder all these albums don’t say in the credits written by Hook/Sumner/Morris/Gilbert/Dokken/Lynch/Brown/Pilson

Dream Warriors last song on Back For The Attack, Dream...Attack...that New Order song ya know

and ya know usually if just look at things simply it’s all there, ya know just look at the word Dokken, look at it....backwards....N - E - then instead of a double U, you get a double K...well they musta thought this was getting too obvious ya know...though the rest of the letters O and D...they’re in the word ‘order’ I know I claimed before that New Order and Dokken were NOT the same band, but now I just don’t know

and like let’s not leave Back For The Attack too soon...cause it’s got that instrumental Mr. Scary on it, which might be the whole Lynchpin to this thing, pun somewhat intended, cause again on Technique, New Order had Mr. Disco...I mean what else would you get if you crossed Dokken and New Order but Scary Disco! if the two bands merged into their one true identity...which came from Joy Division...I mean we all know Joy Division were an incredibly powerful band...I don’t think any of us had realized the full extent of it...until now...

and like these album titles provide clues...ya know...perhaps this is the very thing Robert Palmer was looking for clues about...let’s not forget there were two videos for that one, one for the US and one for the UK...right?....but like Technique and Back For The Attack...when taken together...could provide us with the techniques to make us...whole again...another again song...that Atomic Kitten one...woo!...Atomic Kitten...Atomic Punk, ya know!...Schrodinger’s Atomic Kitten!...maybe this is what The Chaize was talkin about...ya know, with the word ‘again’....eternal duality becoming the form of Dokken and New Order...gonna have to...tread carefully with this...


from Dekalaug 4: 4th & Ten, released August 19, 2020


all rights reserved



Young Southpaw Connecticut

"From the existential thread that ties Jean-Paul Sartre to Jon Bon Jovi, to the skinny on what’s floating in TLC’s ‘Waterfalls’, and the possibility that Al Pacino is coaching boxing kangaroos in space, wise-fool Southpaw's ramblings lead listeners on a surreal journey through doors they didn't even know existed, into a highly original, deeply funny land of pop culture confusion." - popbollocks ... more

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